Dr. Zakaria Ali

The Last of the White Elephants

Oil on Canvas
86 x 124cm


1946 - Born in Kampung Batu, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
B.F.A, M.A, Ph.D Harvard University

1996 - First IV Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
1982 - American Council of Learned Societies Grant
1988 - Harvard University Travel Grant

1996 - 1st Ipoh Art Festival Exhibition, Perak
1997 - 2nd Ipoh Art Festival Exhibition, Perak
1997 - Lectures & Students Art Exhibition, Sabah
1997 - Beautiful Malaysia Exhibition,
          Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur



The Source      
Oil    50 x 75cm    2002


Tower 1 
2002  Oil on Canvas   50 76cm


Zakaria Ali ponders: "The moment we apply the painted brush to canvas, we are engaged in a monologue of uncertain emphasis. Each stroke is a demand, a plea, a lament, and a compromise, all of which are made half expecting to be disobeyed, denied, ignored, and rebuked. The agony of uncertainty often claims endless hour of sleep. Waking is no better because my children have reminded me that my lips quiver when I paint, a sure sign that things are less than smooth between me and my canvas, between the paint I mix and the mixed up ideas in my head. Many paintings discontinued years ago are reluctantly signed because of the pressure of a forthcoming exhibition, or of the request of buyer who has paid. Those still left unsigned mean simply that the canvas and I have decided to delay striking a deal, a perpetual stand-off."




The Red Sandals:Tower 15 
Oil  2004  60x50cm


Tower 6     
Oil      51 x 39cm     2004


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